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About Me
I'm simply a 30-something woman in Raleigh, NC who adores costuming, history, and playing around with fabric. In my copious free time, I attend law school and spend time with my terribly patient and supportive husband.
Costuming events in Raleigh are pretty sparse - so most of my costuming time is spent in the SCA, with the Barony of Windmaster's Hill. There, I'm known as Catarina Caravello

How can I reach you?
I can be reached via email at Please take out all the caps-locked verbage. You can also check out my blog for oh-so-exciting updates about my daily life at

Will you sew something for me?
I'm sorry - between law school and making sure that I have a social life, I do not have the time to sew for others. I will gladly share resources and information, though - just drop me an email!

Ack! My picture is on the internet! Please take it down!
Many of the photos on my website are clients from my closed costuming business, or photos of friends I've taken at various SCA or Renaissance Faire events. If your image is used here and you would like it taken down, please email me and I will gladly do so!