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Jan 29, 2007:
Updated to v2.0 with a few bugfixes and refreshments, an the usual update of the default content.

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  • Dancing Panda Soapworks - Dancing Panda Soapworks is dedicated to providing its customers with top-quality, all-natural handmade body care products and accessories at reasonable prices. None of our products are tested on animals, unless you count our staff. All products are tested by members of our staff prior to being sold to ensure the quality (and safety) of every batch.
  • Lost Goblin Games - Lost Goblin Games is Raleigh's only full-service, full-featured game store. They carry role playing games, war games, board games, collectable card games, game accessories, miniatures, dice and other game supplies. They offer over 500 sq. feet of gaming space and an extensive and varied schedule of organized play. Robin and Richard are a great resource for Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill gamers - check 'em out!
  • Very Merry Seamstress - Looking for the perfect historically inspired costume from ANY era? We offer the most affordable Elizabethan, Tudor, Medieval, Renaissance, Edwardian and movie gowns. Even if you don't see what you're looking for on these pages, as long as you have a picture, sketch or a painting, they can make it for you.
  • Elisabella - High quality Renaissance and Victorian gowns. Each gown is hand crafted with superior fabrics and completely customizable. Ideal for the discerning customer who wants to make a truly stunning impression.
  • The Tudor Tailor - The official website for the book 'The Tudor Tailor' by Ninya Mikhaila and Jane Malcolm-Davies. Both the book and the site are an amazing resource for Tudor costumers. Patterns and book are available for sale.
  • Costumes by Lynn McMasters - Lynn is an AMAZING costumer and pattern-drafter. The site features some wonderful photographs of her work, and a full line of patterns for historical headwear. Her hat patterns are the best around - well worth the money!

    Dress Diaries and personal costuming sites

  • Festive Attyre - The historic costumes of Jen Thompson. Excellent resource on early 16th c. Italian costuming and Victorian costuming. Good information on the use of hemp boning in Italian costume.
  • Mode Historique - The historic costumes of Sarah Lorraine. Excellent resource on Elizabethan and Victorian costume. Her articles on the use of cable ties as boning and an alternate construction for French Hoods are well worth checking out.
  • Demode - Kendra has put together a wide array of beautiful costumes from the Renaissance to the 20th century and just about everything in between.
  • Michalea de Bruce - Specializing in women's clothing in the German Renaissance.
  • The Curious Frau - Research and Recreation of the Clothing and Food of Renaissance Germany.