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1580's Working-Class Dress based on the paintings of Vincenzo Campi

This outfit is not a copy of any specific painting, but rather based on the 1580's working-class paintings of Vincenzo Campi - specifically "The Fruit Seller", "Kitchen", "Christ in the House of Mary and Martha" and "The Fishmongers". Although working-class paintings were popular in the Netherlands at the time, there were few southern European artists experimenting in the genre – so his work gives us wonderful insight into the working class of Italy. There are a wide variety of color combinations and variations of details in these portraits, so I felt comfortable drawing elements from them all to create something representative of them as a whole.

As a SCA participant, I tend to be a worker-bee, so my clothing needs to be sturdy, well-constructed, and able to stand up to a rigorous day of work. I figured if it worked for the Italian working-class in 1580, it would work for me in the 21st century!

This is based primarily off of my previous Campi dress, here.